Best funny conversation starters

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An even better way, find out what instrument your partner wishes they played, then suggest you learn how to play it together. So, what would you do first? A fun chance to dream of fame while also considering the costs and benefits of achieving the dream. Would you rather be super intelligent but a huge asshole, or insanely kind but also incredibly stupid? Comment on the food and drinks.

Best funny conversation starters

If Hollywood made a movie about your life what would it be rated and who would be the star? Would you rather be stranded in America or Europe for the rest of your life? Would you rather have all of your google searches, or all of your text messages, be broadcasted to everyone on Facebook? What is that one thing that you wont ever share? If you could change your eye color, what would it be? A nice open question that invites discussions of far off places and leaves room for nostalgia and amusing responses. Would you rather live life with no inhibitions or live life with no stress? Would you rather go about your normal day naked or fall asleep for a year? Would you live in a place which is very hot or a place which is very cold? Tell a Funny Story Tell a funny story that relates your current enviroment, that recently happened to you, or based off of current events. Think of a product and rename it with the worst name? Would you rather be famous and have a scandal or two, or never be talked about in the media at all? But then, in the words of a wise guy, "If practice makes a man perfect and there is no such thing as a perfect man, then why practice? Would you rather be left alone with fifteen kids for a day, or have to spend the day mediating between a democrat and a republican? Would you rather sing karaoke on national TV or be interviewed about everything in your life for the local paper? Share yours and have a new secret name for each other. Here are 5 of the best funny dares you can use as conversation starters: If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be? Have a laugh at the shock of either idea occurring to you or others. If it's really hot, "It's so hot in here, my sweat started sweating. Ask the deep stuff. One was a salted assulted. If you were a vegetable, what type of vegetable would you be? Learn to live like your best age together and enjoy discussing old memories. No matter the answer, get the person to demonstrate their choice for a while. Prunes every morning or Matlock marathons:

Best funny conversation starters

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