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All this for the all ages price of ten dollars cash. But don't talk too loudly if I'm sitting next to you trying to go into my jazz trance. They've done their homework.


I stopped later that night and smelled the roses: On Saturday night after 1: But don't talk too loudly if I'm sitting next to you trying to go into my jazz trance. Of these top clubs, the Village Vanguard has the best bookings at the best price and all clubs have a no smoking policy. Gordon Polatnick is a New York City tour guide specializing in jazz tours. The musicians who play there regularly are as serious about their composing and arranging as they are about their blowing. Right across 7th Ave. As the antidote to pop culture, they may eventually be responsible for a Village Renaissance. If you have an idea who you might like to see, check these resources or the old standbys like the Village Voice or Time Out New York. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Roy Hargrove jammed for three hours. He runs the store as an indulgence, stating that he'd be embarrassed to live in a city that didn't have a store like his. Nick's Pub on th and St. Smalls W10th and 7th Ave. New York City is the jazz capital of the world. If these names don't get your attention it's not the owners of the names at fault. This subterranean iconoclastic cauldron of steamy jazz stew is already a New York icon that has the potential of following The Factory and The Knitting Factory into the realm of genre- spawning if they play their notes right. On any given night in New York you have about 50 venues from which to choose. Owner and jazz raconteur Russ Musto has a special room dedicated to his heroic rare lp collection which is opened by appointment only -- made in person. Brown bags, and cigarettes are welcome. To make it to the Monday night jam session at St. In the existential space that exists between St. Jazz has been a part of this city's soundtrack for 80 years and it's bebopping its resistance to the Los Angelesation of Manhattan louder than ever. Nick's Pub by subway, get on the front of the A and get off at th St. It's a one of kind place which graces you with the intangible benefits of mom and pop authenticity.


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