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I always clean out. I always try to use the stuff as close as I can to the original. I was in Norway, hanging out with some friends of mine. But what you actually should be buying is a really good record that you can enjoy looking at while you listen to it. The rich, organic feel and warmth that you hear in a great record comes from a good vinyl cut.


You should have nice turntables. You even press Pete Seeger! Why do you need record labels when you have a Bandcamp? A staff that helps you find new tunes, right? This sounds a little scary This was a few years before the "resurgence" of vinyl for example, Record Store Day started in and smack dab in the middle of the digital downloading craze. Many masters are not suitable for vinyl, as today's modern digital music formats such as compact disc work in a very different way - and this is why we take the time to have them expertly re-mastered for vinyl production. Making the best quality vinyl isn't just about transferring an album onto record - getting the best possible results from our beloved format takes care, attention, and an intimate understanding of exactly how vinyl works. We just got to talking and the first record I did was Red Harvest and Enslaved. Now a band can put out 10 songs and have an album. If you just want something that looks cool, you can buy a colored set of keys and jangle them in front of you. Back on Black presses all of their releases on high-quality, thick vinyl. We just kept on pushing it until people recognized what we were doing, you know? It is rubbishing everything I love. Anybody can put an mp3 up, everybody has a Bandcamp, everybody has a website. How do you choose the colors for the albums? Read the interview and then check out the contest below! They have recently released three exclusive vinyl editions of Havok albums. I love record stores, too. The great thing about music is word-of-mouth. Putting yourself on a certain format that would generally get you that attention and success is the wrong way to do it. What does your process look like when releasing albums? I went around and talked to everybody, I was so committed to this cause, the anti-digital cause. What do you attribute to the resurgence of vinyl? All of them sold terribly, but I just persevered.


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  1. The re-limiting process, individually tailored for every release, smoothes the wave peaks to produce a cut that brings out the colour of the original recording. The pleasure was trying to reinvent it and make it even better than it was.

  2. I approach the labels that have the rights. The first Stranglers record ['Rattus Norvegicus'], without any hesitation.

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